Chapter 427

It turned out that he had fallen in love with Master since long ago. He was originally someone without love or even feelings at all, but now that he understood love, his feelings were stronger than that of others by a thousand times, a million times. People may love many others, but his love existed for a sole person.

Lu Shiqian was also stunned before smiling. This fool, was he even redder than her? However, she really lost face from crying just now.

“I know you’re sorry, so you can’t leave me next time.” Lu Shiqian smiled, “If you need to leave, you have to tell me first.”

“En.” The Death God’s face was muffled, “I won’t leave.”

He would never leave again. In fact, he knew that he couldn’t leave, couldn’t leave his master. His master was the water while he was a fish. When a fish left the water, it may be able to survive for a while, but it would eventually suffocate.

The world wasn’t able to harm him, but he was the God of Death and could always find a way to die—albeit with great difficulty. However, if he left Master, just the pain and longing could kill him.

“Let me see what’s so special about that diamond for you to actually go pick it up.” Lu Shiqian patted his back.

The Death God timidly opened his hand, but because of his moment of excitement, that diamond was already squeezed into dust. He despondently said, “I’ll go find another one…”

Lu Shiqian chuckled and pushed the Death God against the edge of the spring, “No need. You’re definitely much better looking than that diamond.”

No choice, her evil head rose once again in the face of his innocence.

The Death God blushed. He was a bit shy. Before he met Master, his face never flushed, the standard iceberg man… Ahh, so embarrassing.

However, the more this was the case, the more Lu Shiqian wanted to tease him: “The scenery is so good, wouldn’t you be sorry for the audience if we didn’t do a little something?”

The Death God thought to himself that he would definitely skin anyone that dared watch them right now. Where was the audience? And what were they going to do? His body heated up.

His icy body seemed to contain a fervid wildfire.

Was it that? His eyes immediately shone brightly, combining with his joy into impulse: “Master…”

Lu Shiqian chuckled evilly, “This time, I have to take a good look at you.”

She turned her hand and took off his cloak. Even though she saw his face many times before, she still felt breathless every time.

“That, can you teach me how to untie your clothes?” Otherwise, he would have to take it off himself, which was a lot less interesting.

The Death God’s face flushed red and he didn’t dare look directly at Lu Shiqian, “Master, you’ve been able to since long ago… as long as you use my power.”

“Really?” Lu Shiqian tilted her head and hooked her finger slightly. That seamless black cloak fell off, revealing a man so handsome you would nosebleed everywhere.

Such perfection, such beauty! It was simply astounding!

She couldn’t help but sigh every time. No wonder why he always needed to wear a cloak. The world would be in chaos otherwise.

She was the only one that ever saw his beauty!

How fortunate!

She leaned over and gently kissed him, stroking his beautiful face, outlining his body.

Because they were in the water, her clothes clung tightly onto her body, slightly transparent. His face was so red it could drip blood. Furthermore, that maddening body was still rubbing against him! He was about to go crazy!

He recognized his feelings and his body grew more and more parched. Fire-like madness slowly rose in him.

He took off Master’s clothes, catering to her, entwining with her. They fell into the water, their wanton entanglement growing more and more passionate.

Lu Shiqian wickedly picked the beautiful fruits on the Death God’s chest, putting a finger into his mouth, playing with his tongue.

A certain unbearable place made him unable to wait. His face was stained with passion, making him even more earth-shatteringly beautiful, causing her to fall into confusion.

Her hands wandered around, arousing a wildfire, sparking endless desire.

His breathing grew heavier and faster, passion about to flow like a river.

Their hands locked together. That slim and soft body accompanied by small gasps made him intoxicated. Ah, so good!

“It’s been so long, yet you’re still so sensitive!” Lu Shiqian played around with his earlobes.


No matter how long they did it, his body was always sensitive to Master!

He deeply understood this point!


He held Master’s pride (euphemism) and heard her cry out with satisfaction. Wasn’t Master the same?

This realization made him very happy. He couldn’t help himself and pushed Master down. He was afraid that she would scratch her back and set a barrier for her.

“M-Master, let me… this time.” His face was red, but his tone was firm.

Lu Shiqian hooked around his neck, “Are you sure?”

He used his actions to prove it. With her lessons, he was like a fish in water, kissing her passionately, stoking her desire. His skin was like the finest silk, and it felt like her entire body was being kissed when he rubbed against her.

This time, Lu Shiqian moved with the water.

Their entwinement lasted until the evening. Their faces were red and their eyes seemed to pour out honey.

However, it was truly crazy. She had never seen the Death God like this before; it was almost as if he wanted to merge himself with her. They had never been so wild before, though they were quite passionate. Was it different this time because she spoke aloud her love?

Even a strong body like hers couldn’t take any more.

But he didn’t let her go, pestering her, pandering to her, again and again…

Thankfully, her body was unusually strong. Otherwise, if she had problems because of their wanton indulgence, that would be really embarrassing.

The night was dark and the moons were bright. It was the best time to head back to Dongshu Educational Institute. Sneaky, sneaky…

Who knew that the moment they approached the academy, they would see lights everywhere, people coming and going?

This… didn’t know that the nightlife at Dongshu Educational Institute was so rich.

“Little darling, where did you go? This one waited for you for so long and hard!” A crimson embroidered robe full of the scent of spring came. Who would it be if not Li Jing?

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