Chapter 428

Other than Li Jing, there was also Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, Yao Hong…

Lu Shiqian simply walked out generously. She told some of the magic beasts that she was coming back, and they must’ve told Wei Mo and the others. Yes, they were worried for her. Her heart overflowed with warmth.

However, when she came out, she was immediately surrounded.

It turned out that it wasn’t only her men and beasties waiting for her, there were also people form the four major families, people from Dongshu Educational Institute, city soldiers… She really didn’t know when she became so popular.

“Benefactor, I didn’t expect to see you again!” Zhu Fang smiled brightly and walked over with a group of people.

The other three major families inwardly cursed him for being despicable, actually playing the benefactor card!

When they saw the Zhu Fang’s family crest back then, Lu Shiqian already knew that he was from the Zhu family, but she didn’t expect to see him here. Sending their family’s children to a high-level institution meant that the family was interested in cultivating him. Now, he was the one leading a team of people, so his status in the family was probably not low.

However, even if the other’s bright smile was very welcoming, she had decided earlier on to not have any relationships with the four major families.

Now that she saw this scene, she understood what was going on.

She really became famous after that match.

Her eyes turned colder slightly. It may cause some problems, but…

“It only took a wave of a hand, no need for more courtesies!” Lu Shiqian turned around to Zhu Fang, “Aren’t friendly relationships great?”

Zhu Fang was taken aback, obviously hearing the rejection in her tone. He was a smart person and quickly understood her meaning. He smiled carefreely, “True, friendly relationships are great!” Saying that, he led his family disciples away.

“Third Brother, this isn’t good, right? We haven’t completed the task the Patriarch gave us,” a handsome young man said.

“That person…” Zhu Fang lifted his head and looked at the bright moons, “That person can’t be controlled by anyone. If my Zhu family wants to continue to keep a foothold in Shangguan, then we shouldn’t turn our relationship sour.”

“That great?” the young man didn’t seem to believe it.

“Zhu Feng!” Zhu Fang’s voice turned severe, “Face the wall for three days after going back!”

Zhu Fang, as a third stage lower god, was more senior than most of the disciples. Not only was he open-minded, he was also very good at ‘seeing people and knowing people’. This was a must-have skill for the head of the family, but unfortunately, he wasn’t very talented. Even so, the family still left the decision-making power to him, showing the respect they put on him.

The young man didn’t dare disobey and answered, “Yes!”

Once the Zhu family left, the Fengyun family and Qiuhe family immediately swarmed up. The spokesperson of the Qiuhe family was eloquent, saying without concealing his purpose: “Esteemed Lu, my family head admires your heroism very much and hopes to recruit you. As long as you enter my Qiuhe family, we promise to give you an Honorary Elder position as well as a salary of 30,000 magic jade per year.

One benefit after another was added, leaving everyone else sighing in the background. Heavens, this was amazing! Let’s put aside how prestigious the position as an Honorary Elder was in the Qiuhe family for now, just the 30,000 magic jade salary was enough of a leap from common civilian into a noble! Many people watching the fun were both envious and admiring of Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian shook her hair and leaned against the Death God, saying with a half-smile: “Then, what are my responsibilities?”

The man thought there was a chance and immediately said, “As long as you obey the orders of the head, don’t leave Shangguan, reject the offers of the other families, and don’t do anything that harms the Qiuhe family, there’s nothing to do. It’s very relaxing.”

That right, it was indeed very free for the average person!

“Oh?” Lu Shiqian’s bright eyes glanced at him, “But after the competition tomorrow, if your Young Master loses, you’ll have to lick my feet.” She giggled and continued, “If I became an Elder of your Qiuhe family and your family head gives an order, wouldn’t that be a missed opportunity?”

How arrogant! How evil!

Everyone collectively gasped. She actually wanted the genius Young Master of the Qiuhe family to lick her feet! Heavens!

The spokesperson was a true loyal supporter of the Qiuhe family. After hearing this, how could he continue with a straight face? He immediately gritted out, “Don’t refuse the toast only to drink the forfeit!”

Lu Shiqian remained unmoved, “What is a forfeit? I’ve never drunk one before!”

The Fengyun family’s representative happily watched the Qiuhe family get rebutted and cheerfully stepped forward, “My Fengyun family…”

Lu Shiqian cut him off, “Don’t give me any nonsense. I’m not interested in being any family’s Elder.”

When she said this, a collective gasp sounded once again. She actually shoved those offers others yearned for day and night straight out the door! How arrogant was this?!

She very clearly expressed her attitude, so how could the four major families say anything else? They could only send Lu Shiqian and her party off.

The next day, the competition continued as usual. Other than Lu Shiqian’s unexpected battle where seven people that didn’t use magic power appeared, this was after all a thousand-year tradition of the Dongshu Educational Institute. It could not be easily ended.

Although many were too scared to come watch, even more were enthusiastic people unafraid of death rushed over. These people liked exciting, blood-boiling, and limit-breaking battles. Only these kinds of superb fights could invigorate them!

There were no clouds for thousands of miles; the sky like rushing water!

The stage was repaired completely and no traces of the damage yesterday could be seen. They also increased the defenses in a 100-meter radius!

The first match was between Zhu Yaohua and Qiuhe Lan.

Qiuhe Lan they had already met—the number two genius of the Qiuhe family. She was a first stage higher god, tall and stable with a pair of big eyes, red lips, white teeth, a beauty. If it weren’t for her extremely furrowed eyebrows, she may be even more beautiful.

Zhu Yaohua, the rumored number one genius of the Zhu family, was a second stage higher god. At first sight, he looked to be a handsome and elegant young man with sword eyebrows and a fair complexion. But upon closer inspection, there seemed to be a trace of arrogance between his brows.

Weapon Specialization and Taming Specialization; their first head-to-head battle!

The two sides had been rivals since long ago and would not show mercy at this moment. Qiuhe Lan’s first attack was a snake cry. A gloomy wind surged up and the image of snakes appeared. It was quite an extraordinary move!

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