Chapter 429

However, how could a genius that could tame magic beasts be mediocre. Weapons and magic beasts fought for millions of years; they must each have their own strengths.

Zhu Yaohua let out a whistle and called out a majestic flaming tiger—600 Stars!

“Oh?” Lu Shiqian quietly murmured. The Zhu family was indeed capable, optimizing the magic beast contract to promote the growth of the magic beast.

After the two fougth for 20 minutes, Qiuhe Lan was thrown out of the field and Zhu Yaohua emerged victorious.

The second round: Yao Hong vs. Zhu Hui.

Yao Hong’s alluring face was warmly welcomed in Dayu too. This descendant of a human and magic beast had begun to get rid of his inferiority complex and display his brilliant colors!

He still had his oval face, brown eyes, waist-length hair, and quietly stir others’ desire. However, there many children that were born from a human and magic beast combination, so he no longer had the miserable experience he had in the Devil Dance Continent. Furthermore, while he followed Lu Shiqian, he slowly rediscovered his meaning for life.

Therefore, though his appearance was alluring, he was learning to control it, and because of the firmness in his eyes, he became even more soul-stirring. The him at this time was completely different from the broken him inside the cage back then!

His opponent was the number two genius of the Zhu family, a first stage higher god.

Zhu Hui was around 18 years old, his long black hair covering his eyes. He gave off a very feminine feeling.

However, this person gave Lu Shiqian a dangerous feeling! Much more so than Zhu Yaohua.

For some reason, she felt that she could have an interesting battle with this person.

Sure enough, though Yao Hong was quick to act and nimble, he was strangely defeated after 20 minutes.

The third round: Wei Mo vs. Qiuhe Ning.

A silver-haired and red-eyed man audaciously stepped onto the stage and pointed at Qiuhe Ning, “You’ll have to lick her toes!” Surrendered! Unaccustomed to Wei Mo’s gentle attacks, the silver-haired Wei Mo finally came out again.

He exposed a large patch of his chest, revealing seductive collarbones, causing a burst of screams from the women in the audience. Really rendered people speechless.

The fourth round: Qin Xingluo vs. Fengyun Lian.

He was still in exquisite clothes, a headful of red hair. However, there was more determination and firmness in his eyes.

A middle god versus a higher god, this inevitable defeat was dragged on by him for 50 minutes.

His clothes were ragged as he stood on the stage, injured all over the place. Though he looked extremely haggard, he gave others an unstoppable, noble and princely feeling! This young man had finally grown up!

“Strange, what are you holding on for?” Fengyun Lian raised an eyebrow, muttering with his red lips.

Qin Xingluo glanced towards Lu Shiqian’s direction, as if that was the source of his strength. He once again charged towards Fengyun Lian.

A spell shot at him. The Fengyun family’s spells were extraordinary, and Qin Xingluo was knocked away and rolled over a dozen times. His Maned Lion was also beaten into a sorry state.

“A person like you would never know what I’m protecting!” He struggled to stand up again, wanting to continue fighting.

“Pretty good, you still have the strength to speak!” Fengyun Lian wasn’t some good person. Since he wanted a beating, he would give him one!

Once, twice… three times, time and time again!

The audience was moved. No one expected to see such a moving battle on this stage, staking everything on one throw.

It turned out that even cross-rank battles could be this amazing.

“This guy…” Wei Mo narrowed his ruby red eyes. He could understand why Qin Xingluo worked so desperately.

“He’s about to break through! His Maned Lion too!” Tiancan pointed at Qin Xingluo.

Breakthrough? At this time?

When he stood up again, dense magic power gathered in the air, rushing towards Qin Xingluo. He really made a breakthrough!

This change left everyone shocked! It was incredible! Normal breakthroughs were made after long meditations, and though they had heard of making breakthroughs during battle, it was pitifully scarce. This time, they were actually able to see one!

After the advancement pattern faded, Qin Xingluo became a first stage higher god; his Maned Lion also evolved with his breakthrough into a 120 Star Lion King!

“Not bad, actually advancing. However, is that enough to defeat me?” Fengyun Lian lightly said.

“We’ll have to try and see.” Qin Xingluo looked directly into the opponent’s eyes and shot forward like a meteor.

Qin Xingluo and Fengyun Lian’s battle ignited everyone’s excitement, the two of them exchanging back and forth. Their spells were gorgeous and powerful. Though the outside world gossiped about Fengyun Lian’s colorful life and how he looked neither male nor female, he was indeed powerful. He would definitely be an expert in magic in the future. On the other hand, Qin Xingluo didn’t fall behind. His movements were quick and concise, with the perseverance of a martial artist, never admitting defeat, never giving up.

This was a showdown between magic and martial arts! A contest of strength and wisdom!

The more the two fought, the more they empathized with their opponent. Sometimes, an adversary could evoke a person’s talent more so than their friends or mentors, helping them understand themselves even better.

Qin Xingluo grew braver as he fought. This young man’s halo already shone through the audience.

In the end, Qin Xingluo was defeated by the difference of one move, falling out of the stage.

Lu Shiqian’s heart was moved and helped him up, “You’ve worked hard.”

Just this one sentence moved Qin Xingluo so much he wanted to cry. It was worth it. Yes, everything was worth it!

Because of this sentence, everything was worth it!

The audience all stood up, because of the grit he showed them, because he carved an undying picture. He was so tenacious!

At this moment, the top five were decided: Zhu Yaohua, Qiuhe Ning, Zhu Hui, Fengyun Lian, and Lu Shiqian!

Thirty minutes later, the five would have their final showdown!

At this time, it was 10 in the morning!

After the referee announced the result, the assistant principal stood up, pushed his glasses, and said: “Yesterday, we held a meeting and decided to award a God Artifact by Master Ling Tian to first place!”

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