Chapter 430

When these words came out, the audience was speechless. They couldn’t believe their ears. What?! A God Artifact made by Master Ling Tian?!

Ling Tian, Dayu’s number one Master Forger, a God of Forging with unparalleled status. He made countless contributions to Dayu, the mode one of them. In addition to daily life tools, his achievements in forging artifacts were even more outstanding. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was hard to buy with a thousand gold coins, a priceless treasure!

The birth of a God Artifact required how many precious materials, magic beast cores, blood, pelt, etc.? The process was even more complicated, requiring high mental power and forging techniques. It could be seen just how difficult it was to become an expert Master Forger! As a God of Forging, Ling Tian’s God Artifacts were perfect in every aspect. Just the added attributes exceeded ten, much less its overall power!

Competing for Master Ling Tian’s God Artifact, that was absolutely crazy!

It also preluded how fierce the fight was going to be!

But no matter how furious the battle, how could it compare to the joy of obtaining a God Artifact?

People couldn’t help but go crazy!

Speaking of which, this was a big hand Dongshu Educational Institute never dealt before!

People on the field were still dreaming and looking forward to it, and the five about to compete were also divided into their corners, secretly scheming.

“Sister, you have to win!” Yan Hui clenched his little fist and loudly said.

Yan Fei originally wanted to speak, but when he saw Lu Shiqian’s face, he couldn’t say a word. He turned his head away and snorted coldly.

The silver-haired Wei Mo was arrogant and flamboyant. He stubbornly said: “I gave up first place for you. You must make that kid lick your feet!”

The Death God held Lu Shiqian’s hand tightly. Winning or whatever, he didn’t care. He just wanted to see Master’s carefree appearance, smiling and making trouble for others.

Infected by the atmosphere, Lu Shiqian’s spirits soared and she announced: “I will win!”

When this remark came out, the others all looked at her.

Qiuhe Lan beside Qiuhe Ning gave Lu Shiqian a fierce glare; Zhu Fang beside Zhu Hui let out a loud laugh while Zhu Yaohua smiled coldly. As for Fengyun Lian, he brought over a group of handsome men, his clothes messy and lips red: “I heard you made a bet with that kid Qiuhe Ning. How about it? Do you want to bet with me too? If you lose, be my bed partner for a month, hm?”

His purpose was evident: to attack the Qiuhe family. Making the woman that they had to lick the toes of his bed partner was an obvious insult. The other purpose was to test Lu Shiqian.

However, he didn’t know that when he said this, all of the men by Lu Shiqian’s side exploded.

“How can someone agree to this? Lil’ Qian is mine!” Li Jing slowly walked over, his clothes half-untied, his steps like flowing water, cherry blossom robes exemplifying his style.

Who could beat him in terms of charm, seduction, and enchanting?!

But then again, wasn’t this guy supposed to be a judge? What was he joining in on the fun here for?

Li Jing pouted, “This one’s so bored!” Look at his red lips, his coquettish demeanor, how sultry.

The Death God pulled Lu Shiqian into his arms. He was dressed completely in black and his appearance couldn’t be seen, but it didn’t obstruct his mysteriousness and imposingness at all. The long hair that was slightly exposed was so sleek and shiny, like the world’s best silk. His figure was sturdy and difficult to hide even with his black robe. He was slender and powerful, the best definition of a man.

Compared to him, who could beat him in terms of mysteriousness and mightiness? It was just that he didn’t show anything normally. If he showed just a tiny bit, he would move the entire world. He was just such an existence!

However, besides Master, who was worthy of speaking to him?!

Tiancan’s eyes were lidded like a half moon. He entered the school because he promised the other beasties to take good care of Master. Even though he was ruthless and saw life like grass, had an evil mind and lived without a care, at this moment, how could he lose this battle? He threw himself into Lu Shiqian’s arms. He weakly fell into her embrace, making an enchanting man with his evil mask and beautiful mole.

Comparing aura and attraction, who could beat him?!

Wei Mo’s silver hair glittered brightly, his red eyes arrogant and striking. His half-exposed chest was sturdy and a complete opposite to his other half. He brashly said, “Are you pretending that no one’s here because this great one didn’t speak?”

Who could compare to him in terms of willfulness and fickleness?

Qin Xingluo, Yao Hong, Yan Fei, which one of them wasn’t a dragon or phoenix? After exuding their magnificence, which one of them wasn’t eye-catching?

Fengyun Lian was just too shameless to dare show off in front of them!

Lu Shiqian walked out slowly, saying one thing: “Sorry, I’m really not interested in women.”

No way about it. In terms of provocation, she always had the more vicious tongue.

Fengyun Lian’s face changed from blue to red, extremely interesting. He had never hit such a huge wall before. However, this guy’s education was pretty good and he didn’t blow up, simply saying: “Then I’ll see you on the field!”

For a time, the atmosphere in the room grew tenser.

“Hmph, even a commoner dares say anything!” Zhu Yaohua proudly declared, “Your journey ends here!”

Lu Shiqian was noncommittal.

“Big Brother, that may not be the case. Many changes occur on the battlefield and there are also many surprises. She may be more powerful than you!” Zhu Fang said coldly.

Zhu Yaohua snorted coldly, “I knew you weren’t some good thing, speaking so quickly for outsiders. You’re a b*tch like your mother and shouldn’t be alive!”

“You!” Zhu Fang was flushed with anger. It was okay to slander anyone but his brother and his mother!

Zhu Hui grabbed his little brother’s hand. His closed eyes suddenly opened, revealing a patch of vibrant green. His stare was terrifying, scaring Zhu Yaohua into taking a step back!

Lu Shiqian saw it clearly and developed a deep impression of those green eyes.

In order to be fair, they drew lots and the results were soon announced.

Zhu Hui vs. Zhu Yaohua, Fengyun Lian vs. Lu Shiqian, Qiuhe Ning drew an empty. The losers of the first two rounds could challenge him to place in third.

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