Chapter 431

This would be a physically exhausting round robin. The winner would have to win at least two battles, but if they tried too hard in the earlier match, their situation would be perilous in the next.

However, though this style was cruel, it was aligned with Dayu’s survival of the fittest. If you were fighting with an enemy, they wouldn’t care if you were exhausted or whether you won your previous battles or not. They would only take advantage of your weakness to kill you! That was why endurance and perseverance was one of the things Dongshu Educational Institute taught you!

The first match was between Zhu Hui and Zhu Yaohua.

This was a bit awkward. Both were from the Zhu family and both tamed magic beasts. Their training was almost the same.

These two, one was the number one genius of the Zhu family while the other was the number two genius. However, for some reason, this ranking didn’t win the recognition of all the members of the family, so the debate about who was the true number one genius never abated.

The four major families selected their next head based on talent. Of course, the higher their aptitude, the more stable their position. That was why Zhu Yaohua, the current Young Master, didn’t have a stable footing. Because he wasn’t firm, his followers weren’t either.

And now, the two were facing each other on stage. It seemed that they were destined to face each other to prove who was the true number one!

The importance of this match went without saying!

Zhu Yaohua wanted to prove on this stage that he was indisputably number one, completely suppressing this self-proclaimed genius into the ground, never to rise up again!

Wealthy families have no brothers, only interests!

And the person in front of him had violated his interests, so he must not remain!

As long as he played a few tricks to cripple him, who would be able to tell?

If he could get rid of this person, that annoying guy would probably not live long either. Thinking this, he almost couldn’t help laughing.

“You insulted my mother just now!” The person in front of him spoke in a cold, emotionless voice.

Zhu Yaohua was a little surprised. Was this person the same one that never spoke up however he insulted him?

Such a gloomy tone really made others shiver inexplicably.

However, he was the number one genius after all. How could he be afraid of him? “Yes, you and your younger brother are all b*tches!”

The Zhu family was one of the four major families in Shangguan, a heavyweight in Motian. The Zhu family head Zhu Zimei was a flirtatious and romantic person. Thus, there were especially many disciples this generation. Actually, that wasn’t something bad. With the Zhu family’s businesses, they could easily raise over ten thousand idlers, much less 100 children. This was also a good thing. The more children there were, the more competition there was. This was survival of the fittest. Without countless struggles and killings, how could they cultivate the next head of family?

Speaking of which, other than the lowkey Mu family that partook in monogamy, which major family didn’t have many descendants, resulting in more bloody strife than the outside world? The super big families in the dangerous Dayu naturally had their own set of survival rules. At the very least, scheming and plotting against other disciples of the family was fine as long as it wasn’t too overboard, and the head of family as well as the elders would generally turn a blind eye.

Zhu Hui and Zhu Fang’s mother’s identity was quite special. She was a beautiful 500 Star magic beast that turned into a beautiful woman. She was the woman Zhu Zimei met while traveling in Kongjun and brought back. Speaking of this, until now, Shangguan still talked about the beautiful magic beast woman and the noble young master. The two fell in love at first sight and the beauty returned with him. The man resisted the pressures and married her, an outsider. From this point, this Zhu Zimei was quite eccentric. However, the beauty didn’t know that the man she fell in love with had over 130 wives and 200 children. Even after knowing this, she still stayed behind without turning back. This beautiful love story remained in the people’s hearts, but Zhu Zimei had a change of heart.

After becoming a God, lifespans were almost infinite. There were countless enjoyments, so who would be able to remain faithful to one or several for an eternity? Especially descendants of the major families. In fact, it wasn’t like the magic beast woman didn’t know this, but it was like eating. You would only know whether something was bitter or not after you tasted it.

Because she was an outsider, this woman’s status in the family was low. However, she had two sons. It was said that when she gave birth to Zhu Hui, she almost lost her life, and after repeated trips between the gates of death and life, he was finally born. Zhu Hui was extremely terrifying because he… was born with a pair of white and black wings, horns on his head, with characteristics of both magic beast and human. He had a pair of breathtaking green eyes, making others’ hearts shake! Sure enough, it was the son of a magic beast!

The Zhu family was horrified, but they could only shut their mouths and bury the truth. Three months after the child was born, the wings and horns disappeared, and other than that pair of green eyes, he was no different from any other child. However, when the child became a Saint at 100 years old, his potential increased exponentially until he became the number two genius of the Zhu family, causing the family to fall into a panic. When Zhu Hui was 378 years old, Zhu Fang was born, but there were no surprises and was no different from a human baby. His talent was a little above average, but his intelligence and wisdom was far beyond the limits of the others in his generation.

Could it be that mixed-blood children were smarter?

These two were thorns in the hearts of the family elders!

Zhu Zimei was officially married to the only daughter of a middle-class family. Through a few tricks, she gave birth to a son: Zhu Yaohua. Zhu Yaohua’s talent was evident from the very beginning. When he was 100, he was promoted to Young Master and cultivated to be the next head, everything revolving around him. The best skills, secret techniques, medicine, equipment… even his future partner was one of the best. Even so, they still weren’t assured. Zhu Hui was 500 years younger than Zhu Yaohua, but his growth was too terrifying. Before he became the patriarch, everything still remained unknown. Speaking of which, that magic beast didn’t have any backing and was easy to bully, so for more than a thousand years, they played many tricks on Zhu Hui and Zhu Fang. The rest of the family pandered to Zhu Yaohua, so you could imagine how difficult their days were.

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