Chapter 432

Zhu Hui was usually gloomy and eerie, and it wasn’t fun beating or mocking him. He had been bullied so much he became familiar with all his siblings, and other than the family elders that knew of his birth abnormalities, no one else knew. Besides, he displayed high potential and was very obedient, never fighting with anyone.

“Mother told me to forgive all of you since you are my brothers and sisters. Don’t hurt all of you, because you are my siblings.” It was a melancholy voice, almost like a whisper, but even more than that, it was like the excitement as an unimaginable power began rising up: “But you. You are not my brother.”

How could someone that insulted his mother be his brother?!

Zhu Yaohua saw the very different Zhu Hui, his face full of contempt. It wasn’t that he didn’t it strange, but habits were hard to change. He always found Zhu Hui easy to bully, and even though he didn’t know how he managed to get into the top five, this match was already in the bag: “I never regarded the son of a slut as my brother. A stinky and sleazy magic beast, how could they compare to me?!”

“This motherf*cker’s asking for it! So freaking arrogant!” There was a hint of coldness in Wei Mo’s eyes. He had two personalities in the same body and was once viewed as a monster… That embarrassment and humiliation, black-haired Wei Mo may be able to tolerate it with his infinite kindness and gentleness, but he couldn’t. He needed to use this hate to continuously sharpen himself, making himself stronger and crazier!

Hong Jin was also indignant, “What’s wrong with magic beasts? What stinky? Transformed magic beast men are handsome, and women are beautiful! This grandson is jealous, exceptionally jealous!”

Yin also gnashed his teeth, “F*cker, I really want to tear this bastard to pieces!”

The Thousand Year King also spoke up, “You two aren’t enough. Let us all charge forth and kill him!” There was freezing coldness in his blue eyes.

“Aiyah, I’ve never been called stinky and sleazy before!” Jiu’s languid voice came from the mental platform. This fellow loved his beauty the most. How could he swallow this insult?

“Hmph!” Jun Zun snorted coldly.

The other 500 Star magic beasts were also angered. Though they didn’t have anything to do with the Zhu family’s Young Master, his slander against all magic beasts made them very unhappy, okay?

Not to mention…

The four sacred beasts leaded by Bai were the most noble and powerful existences in the universe… They were existences that everyone could only look up to. Though they have broken through their identities as magic beasts, were made from the essence of heaven and earth, formed by magic power, and godlike existences… they weren’t human!

This blow hit way too many different races at once, and even some of the audience grew angry!

At this time, Lu Shiqian held Yao Hong’s trembling hand. As expected, he was pale and shaking.

“Hey, we can’t choose our birth, but since we exist, we have the obligation to live wonderfully. Insults should be ignored like the breeze,” Lu Shiqian said.

Yao Hong abruptly raised his head. The woman in front of him was peerlessly beautiful, her eyes deep but not dark, like brilliant stars in the night sky. She had a slight smile on her lips, like begonia flowers blooming in the spring, quietly mesmerizing, yet his entire world bloomed with color.

Yes, he can’t choose his birth, but since he was alive, he was in this world and this world contained him. In this world, there would only ever be one of him!

His lips broke out into a smile with an innocence and blissfulness that was not there before!

Zhu Yaohua had no idea that he offended many magic beasts he couldn’t afford to offend and was still showing off like a jumping clown.

“So cheap. You’re just the son of a beast, and beasts will forever just toil away for me!” Zhu Yaohua wanted to humiliate Zhu Hui, but his words were chilling. Even his contracted lion felt tired. Having such a master was really disappointing.

Zhu Zimei and the other guests sat in the audience stand, their mouths tight, faces gloomy. This bastard was pissing him off! At the same time, he couldn’t help but doubt his choice. Was it good to have a person like this be the next head of the family? Although he was flirtatious, he was a good patriarch and was good at picking out people, had strategy, and dared to pioneer and innovate. He didn’t see that this child was so shallow in the past, but he was really disappointed in him! This child actually saw his magic beast wife like this! Sure enough, some children were like glass. They were usually very dazzling, but turned out to be defective or inferior goods. Other children were like rough jade, exuding their inner brilliance after grinding and polishing. He suddenly remembered that dreamy woman, gentle and compassionate, not like a magic beast at all…

At this moment, Zhu Hui and Zhu Yaohua began fighting!

It had to be said that this prestigious taming family was very adept at their trade, their handling intricate and accurate.

Even though the Fiery Ashes Lion didn’t have much fighting spirit, its attack was still quite clever.

With the flames that burst out of its body, it beat Zhu Hui into a corner, but all of its heavy attacks were barely avoided.

A second stage higher god and a magic beast that was equivalent to a first stage higher god had much higher attack power than the average higher god!

Compared to Zhu Yaohua’s fierce attack, Zhu Hui’s retreat seemed quite cowardly. He was continuously forced into a corner, yet he still didn’t summon his magic beast.

Zhu Yaohua landed a heavy hit on Zhu Hui’s chest, coldly sneering: “What? Can’t call out your magic beast? A bastard like you should just die!” This wasn’t some big secret. As a person from a taming family, it was shameful to be unable to summon a magic beast after all these years.

Zhu Hui rolled twice, avoiding Zhu Yaohua’s second attack, not saying a word. However, his eyes grew more and more excited!

Don’t forget that he had half the blood of a magic beast!

The green in his eyes grew thicker and his eyes became crueler. After avoiding over ten attacks, the green in his eyes hit a peak. The air suddenly constricted, and his hand turned into sharp claws, blocking and swiping, smashing Zhu Yaohua over three meters away!

What an unexpected result!

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