Chapter 433

Zhu Hui also stared at his hand, a little surprised. Power condensed like a rampaging tornado and he roared at the sky, his voice echoing for a long time!

“Awakened!” Tiancan’s eyes lit up.

His bestial blood awakened and the dormant power that had melded and improved, that proud bloodline’s restrictions were broken through with Zhu Hui’s roar. His aura turned extremely terrifying, whipping up a black wind.

This change was so abrupt it was difficult for people to react.

“This child’s inherited bloodline is quite extraordinary!” the Thousand Year King said. His expression was a bit strange, though it was even stranger to decipher the facial expressions of a blue octopus.

Excellent bloodlines could be passed on, but it wasn’t easy to show its potential. This mixed-blood child could exert his talent, meaning that his potential was huge! His future was undoubtedly bright!

The black wind dissipated, and Zhu Hui stood on the stage, one half black and one half white, also gaining a pair of black and white wings. His two green eyes glowed brightly even though it was day, and anyone that was glanced at couldn’t help but shiver. The aura emanating from his body wasn’t magic beast or human, but it was very powerful. Other than Lu Shiqian’s abnormal beasties, half of the magic beasts present involuntarily shook, the rest inevitably uneasy. His eyes were cold and ruthless, aura like the dark night.

He stood there, indifferently gazing at Zhu Yaohua, making the arrogant young master shake crazily!

What strong pressure!

Compared to the previous Zhu Hui, this was simply not the same person!

This may be the ultimate reason he advanced, fighting again and again stimulated his bloodline’s potential, and Zhu Yaohua’s provocation led to this revival!

“Strange, compared to his gloomy appearance before, this appearance makes him not seem human!” Lu Shiqian muttered to herself.

“This isn’t strange. The initial release of wild energy would inevitably subvert human nature! That arrogant guy is damned!” Zi Ji walked over step by step, his silver pupils and tail making him look like a little silver lion. Speaking of, they hadn’t seen this guy for quite a few days now. Where did he pop out from now? Also, this guy just snuck into the competitor’s waiting room, how come nobody stopped him? He seemed to see Lu Shiqian’s puzzled expression and laughed loudly, “I went back to the Dark Plane once. Additionally, I applied as a special teacher at Dongshu Educational Institute.”

Oh, right, this guy was the noble and lofty prince of the Dark Plane, the future master, the only twelve-winged powerhouse…

In other words, she really had few normal people around her!

She glanced at the Death God, wondering if she should place a “living creature” label on him. But could this guy really be treated normally?

Zi Ji felt happy in his heart. For some reason, whenever he saw this woman, he couldn’t help but feel elated. Why was this?

Zi Ji returned here, but the battle over there hadn’t ended.

Zhu Yaohua’s brain completely short-circuited. He had never seen Zhu Hui in this state, and never imagined that he would be so powerful. In just an instant, the gap between them grew far apart.

He couldn’t believe it, Zhu Fang and Zhu Zimei even less so! However, Zhu Fang was happy while Zhu Zimei was shocked. When he married that woman, someone told him that she had incredible origins, but he didn’t take it seriously. Then, was it true?

Zhu Yaohua refused to accept it and attacked, but his wrist was caught by the other. The Fiery Ashes Lion was anxious to save its master and rushed up with a roar, but Zhu Hui only used a single hand to grab its head, saying in a cold and emotionless voice: “Meeting a master like this is your misfortune. You might as well die.” He squeezed his hands lightly and the lion’s head exploded.

So bloody, so decisive, there wasn’t even time to shout for him to stop before a 600 Star magic beast core fell down!

Heavens, this was a 600 Star magic beast! The crowd was stunned for a while.

The Zhu family was closely related to magic beasts. With his natal magic beast destroyed, Zhu Yaohua’s strength naturally fell by three levels, falling from the sky into the quagmire!

Zhu Hui turned around indifferently, walking off the stage without a care.

This battle, Zhu Yaohua suffered a great defeat and lost his chance to be the next head forever!

The elders of the Zhu family looked at each other in dismay. This situation was really unexpected. The Zhu family had one less Young Master but one more uncontrollable super genius. They didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. In the end, Zhu Yaohua was his son so he sent someone down to get him and send him to recuperate.

As for the other three major family heads, other than the Mu family head that was aloof from worldly affairs, the Qiuhe family and Fengyun family felt some fear. What a formidable enemy!

At this time, they hoped that their disciples would win the contest. They could only truly rely on achievements!

However, there were many variables in this competition, and no one could predict the final results!

The next match was Lu Shiqian vs. Fengyun Lian!

The noble Young Master of the renowned mage family versus the upstart Lu Shiqian! This was an exciting battle!

And these two were both dazzling and beautiful people! They were like a work of art standing on the stage!

At this moment, she was wearing dark purple armor the dexterous Lan Ruo made. It was embroidered with a low-key yet exquisite dark gold pattern, and she also had dark purple boots and gloves. With a sword on her back, she was just like a carefree young hero. Her long black hair was tied up with a sash and fell on her back, a pair of beautiful eyes calm in the face of battle. However, these eyes would also suck people in like a vortex, willingly surrendering. A part of her arm was exposed, a stark contrast to the dark purple color of her clothing, revealing her breathtaking beauty. What flawless skin!

When she fought with Mi Cai, that startling attack made people believe she was a mage. The summoned fire dragon was so powerful it made their hearts tremble, but she was now dressed as a swordswoman, making them endlessly fascinated.

Lu Shiqian’s opponent Fengyun Lian didn’t lag behind. He had almond eyes and red lips, wearing red robes, perfectly expressing the line ‘rich, noble, and romantic.’ He lazily looked at Lu Shiqian, smiling lightly, “Hey, consider it. If you lose to me, then be my woman. I’ll keep you safe. If I lose to you, I’ll be your man. How about it?”

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