Chapter 434

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, “Isn’t that a loss for me?”

Fengyun Lian smiled charmingly, “My family has a lot of money, enough for you to eat and drink and make merry.”

Lu Shiqian glanced at him, “But it’s really hard for me to be interested in a man that likes men!”

“It’s a rare opportunity, not something you can typically get!” Fengyun Lian started to wave his hands, bursts of ice and light shooting forth.

“Sorry, I have someone in my heart that’s more beautiful and handsome than you already!” Lu Shiqian pulled out her sword and swung it down.

Their words were gentle, but their actions were very sharp!

It truly was coming and going, a competition between both words and skills. Fire and wind flew about as ice melted and splashed onto the ground.

They were both testing each other’s limits.

Speaking of which, it was way too absurd for a Saint to face a second stage higher god. However, the people watching feel that way at all.

“How boring, let’s get serious!” Fengyun Lian turned schemes in his mind. He wanted to know exactly how strong this woman was!

“Sure, these little tricks are boring to me as well!” Lu Shiqian flicked her sword and stated.

She knew that the Fengyun family specialized in magic. When he fought against Qin Xingluo, this guy kept some tricks up his sleeve!

If magic power is comprehended differently, then the way they wield it would be different too.

“Million***” recorded the truest meaning of magic, but the accumulation of research over a thousand years couldn’t be underestimated either. Especially the head of the Fengyun family, who had achieved great accomplishments and traveled further along the path of magic than others. As the Young Master of the Fengyun family, how could Fengyun Lian’s education be comparable?

When he finished speaking, the aura on his body abruptly changed. It actually turned ethereal, but his fighting spirit was also like thorns!

“This woman actually forced Lian’er into using some real skills! Truly not simple!” The Fengyun family head sat firmly in the audience, keeping an eye on the battle below. Although Fengyun Lian was a bit eccentric and his hobbies made him cough up blood every day, he was undeniably proud of this son of his!

This child was incomparably talented in the use of magic power. In terms of talent, this child surpassed him long ago! Another thing that made this father aggrieved was that he never knew what that child was thinking. Sometimes, when he met those eyes containing deep meaning, he couldn’t help but feel his heart jump.

How could he not be proud of such a successor?

“Crack!” A fiery shadow whipped over, bringing with it a scorching heat.

Lu Shiqian jumped lightly, stepping back a little, but the shadow seemed to have a mind of its own, swaying again, suddenly turning into bitter cold ice!

Good one, Fengyun Lian!

Lu Shiqian also felt her fighting spirit ignited by this scorching and frigid technique!

“I named it Thousand Manisfestations!” Fengyun Lian’s hands gripped onto a red rope as thick as a person’s head. The pattern engraved on it was very exquisite, tangling and wrapping around, five or six meters long. He stretched the rope and licked his hand, evilly chuckling: “It’s traceless and can change into wind, fire, water, and earth to attack. You also have to be wary of getting caught by the rope! Careful now!”

He told her to be careful, but he didn’t intend on going easy at all. When the red rope was released, it flew through the sky. The rope was actually over a kilometer long!

Under the shadow of the rope, the shadow-like thing morphed into flames, hail, and wind blades, attacking from all directions, leaving no place to hide!

Unexpectedly, this kid perfected his skills to such a degree! He took advantage of shapes to launch all kinds of attacks, making it impossible to predict the trajectory of his attacks or what he would do next!

Besides, the fire and water weren’t like normal. It was extremely hard to release yourself once caught!

Fengyun Lian was a true genius!

With this move, the audience was amazed!

They only heard that the Fengyun family was a renowned magic family, but they never imagined they perfected their skills to such a degree! Immediately, many people wished to join the Fengyun family!

However, seeing the sky-filled shadow and seamless attack, how was that woman going to escape?

Zz. A diagonal slash scratched her face, leaving a trace of blood.

Wei Mo’s heart tightened, “Tramp…” Looks like, no matter which him it was, he loved her very much.

Qin Xingluo and Yao Hong felt suffocated, sticking to the glass and watching intensely.

The Death God was silent, but his aura became more and more dark.

These people were all crazy with concern!

“Don’t worry. Look, she’s smiling!” Zi Ji pointed out.

Yes, Lu Shiqian was smiling, smiling extremely happily. Even though only the corners of her lips were curled up, it gave people an inexplicable feeling that she was laughing wildly. The wound on her face healed and the trace of blood was like a birthmark, adding to her charm!

Fengyun Lian’s heart was inexplicably struck!

“I originally planned on defeating you with my sword, but I changed my mind. Actually, I have my own opinions on the use of magic power!” Lu Shiqian declared, her hands quickly forming a seal. She swiped on the sword and an arrogant wind spell was transmitted through the sword. Where it went, there would be a loud lion’s roar and the red rope would break!

Its mightiness, haughtiness, and nobleness were self-evident.

Everyone was stunned as a huge wind swept past them!

Fengyun Lian was taken aback for a while, not expecting his attack to be broken through. He looked at Lu Shiqian and seemed to have realized something. After a long time, he suddenly smiled, “I lost!”

This person was straightforward, whether it was a win or loss, he was very forthright about it. He was much better than that Zhu Yaohua.

Yet, Lu Shiqian smiled coldly, “You still have a trick you haven’t used. The conclusion is not set in stone!”

Fengyun Lian’s eyes sank, but his smile was gorgeous as usual: “I can’t deal a heavy hand against a beauty.”

Lu Shiqian scoffed.

Zhu Yaohua couldn’t initiate a challenge and Fengyun Lian didn’t seem to have any intentions either. The top three became a fight between Lu Shiqian, Qiu Hening, and Zhu Hui!

After a half hour break, the battle to be number one would begin!

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