Chapter 435

The first to appear was Lu Shiqian and Qiuhe Ning!

Lu Shiqian took more notice of Qiuhe Ning. The Young Master of the weapon family was quite ruthless, his eyes hiding quite a lot of things!

That day, she deliberately tested him by insulting him, yet she failed to cause this guy to react strongly. This person controlled his emotions well.

After some observation, he had some effort to spare. This guy’s ability to hide his skill was quite good too.

Having said that, to the audience, although the woman was strong, the man was able to preserve their strength to their advantage. As we all know, after battles, a God Rank powerhouse would deplete their magic power and mental power reserves, and a short half hour break was not enough to recover. Thus, the odds were against Lu Shiqian this battle.

She would probably lose, but even so, everyone already recognized her strength. Her future achievements would naturally not be bad. However, though it was a bit unfair to Lu Shiqian, it was quite fair to Qiuhe Ning and Zhu Hui. If Lu Shiqian lost and they competed again, both of them would have only won after two battles.

Not many thought that Lu Shiqian would win. Otherwise, Lu Shiqian would just be too terrifying!

They would never know that there were 100 magic seas in her body, and that she was a monster that wouldn’t run out of magic power even after a month of fierce fighting!

Her magic power was inexhaustible!

Additionally, the faith power that came from the Devil Dance Continent was also stronger and stronger, refining her body and increasing her mental power. She was growing more and more abnormal!

The audience held their breath and prepared to watch without missing a single detail. Even if Lu Shiqian lost the battle, they would still give her warm applause in respect!

Just at this moment, a group of strangers came in, all of them higher god powerhouses. There were around 1,000 people and also 20 God King level experts with calm auras hiding their strength escorting a mode over.

The high-level magic stones inlaid were extraordinary at first glance. The craftsmanship of the mode was highly exquisite, decorated with the highest-quality pink silk, and using extravagant materials. Why would these nobles suddenly appear here?

There were four beautiful maids in front and behind the mode. Every step they took, they would sprinkle petals towards the mode. The maids were so beautiful, so the person inside must be even more extraordinary.

The people that opened the way already laid out a gorgeous carpet.

Such luxury and ostentatiousness! Even the four major families weren’t like that. Just what were the origins of this woman?!

When the Qiuhe family head saw this mode, he immediately got up to welcome her. The other family heads couldn’t help but exchange a glance as they saw the mode’s escorts: the Sifang Region Army! When they looked at the Qiuhe family head’s eyes, they felt even more complicated inside.

“The little princess came a long way, you’ve worked hard.” The Qiuhe family head actually bowed towards the woman in salute.

As a result, the people grew even more curious about the person inside. How strong was someone that could make the four major families bow to them?!

“Uncle Qiuhe doesn’t need to act like so. I just came to see Brother Qiuhe. Where is he?” The voice that came from inside was like a yellow warbler, very pleasant to the ear.

“Ning’er is about to start his match. If the little princess wants to see, please take a seat.” The Qiuhe family head said.

“Is that so? Alright.”

A slender and white pulled open the dreamy pink veil, stepping out with elegance and grace.

When this woman came out, the people closer to her couldn’t help but lose themselves, feeling intoxicated by feelings.

She was beautiful to the extreme, the kind of beauty that had a good education and raised in her boudoir, a delicate and graceful beauty that made others want to take care of her. She had blonde hair and sapphire eyes, dressed in a tulle dress, and simply a gorgeous little princess!

This was the dream woman in every man’s heart!

The woman swept her beautiful eyes across the stage, seeing the man she was pining about, her face reddening: “Brother Qiuhe is really amazing to be able to enter such a prestigious school!” She was completely like a sheltered young lady.

The people couldn’t help but envy Qiuhe Ning. This brat was actually able to hook onto this little princess! What a big blessing for him!

At this time, someone with a keen eye already discerned the woman’s origins. Looking at the military badge of the Sifang Region Army, the mode, and the experts protecting her, the woman’s identity was revealed.

Indeed, calling the daughter of a region master a princess wasn’t incorrect. A region master was comparable to king of an entire continent.

The Qiuhe family head’s eyes squinted in contentment, obviously proud that this little princess fell for his family’s Ning’er. This realization made him endlessly proud. If he could establish marital relationships with the Sifang Region Master, his Qiuhe family wouldn’t just be a major family in Shangguan. This way, he could leave the other three families far behind, becoming the undisputed number one!

Looks like he had good foresight, ordering Ning’er to take the family elders to the mercenary guild in order to issue a Three Star mission and get the little princess. This move was played brilliantly!

When Ning’er completely captured the little princess and got married, the prosperity of the Qiuhe family wouldn’t be far away!

You must know that this little princess was the most adored daughter of the Sifang Region Master!

The huge Dayu only had ten region masters; the benefits brought by marriage went without saying!

Sitting in Qiuhe Ning’s seat and looking closely at her sweetheart, she suddenly pointed a finger in surprise, “That woman is actually fighting against Brother Qiuhe!”

The woman on stage was calm and steady as water, a sword in hand, making people feel that she was both cool and dashing on top of being beautiful. She wouldn’t pay attention to what was happening below since that was disrespectful to her opponent, however: “Get ready, you better win or you’ll have to lick my feet!”

The young man was indifferent, as if nothing in this world could catch his eye. He wore a blue shirt with black trousers in a neat fashion. In fact, Qiuhe Ning was very handsome. He had obsidian-like eyes, a carved face, and a sturdy body with good proportions. Coupled with his cold temperament and apathetic eyes, it was no wonder he could capture the little princess’ heart. With an invite from him, she would travel any distance to get there. He was truly charismatic!

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