Chapter 436

Even though Lu Shiqian provoked him like so, he remained cool and didn’t get angry. His self-restraint was indeed high.

It was no wonder why the four major families were deep wells. Those that could become the family Young Masters all had tricks up their sleeve other than the Zhu family’s Young Master and the unknown one from the Mu family. However, the Zhu family’s Young Master wasn’t like that, but didn’t someone like Zhu Hui usurp him?

How profound was Dayu?

Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes!

Use magic to deal with Fengyun Lian; use swordsmanship against Qiuhe Ning!

Strong against strong—this battle was worth looking forward to!

“Let me see the skills of the Qiuhe family. Is the weapon path able to defeat the sword in my hand?” Lu Shiqian’s eyes blazed, burning with fighting spirit. She bent her lunged forward using the Heavenly Swinging Sword!

Qiuhe Ning’s dark eyes lit up, his fighting spirit also igniting: “Good!”

The Qiuhe family followed the weapon path. Their weapons were all unique and they could stimulate the souls of their weapon, exerting its full power. Back then, when Qiuhe Lan made a move, she could see that the Qiuhe family was quite extraordinary. And when she watched Qiuhe Ning fight, she knew that this person was many times better than Qiuhe Lan. In his matches, winning and losing was determined with a single draw of his sword!

“Flat White Dew Style!” Qiuhe Ning made no concessions when attacking. This person was far ahead of others in the study of swordsmanship, and he used his signature move to counter Lu Shiqian’s strike. You should know that if you hesitate in a match between experts, you would put yourself in a passive situation!

Qiuhe Ning spun, a crane image gushing forth as he drew his sword!

Lu Shiqian’s mind turned and she secretly thought that the type of moves you used really depended on the type of person you were! If you wanted to cultivate to the apex, you must first cultivate your mind!

She tilted her body and continued forth, advancing instead of retreating, unleashing a Wind and Rain Intersecting. It was just one move, but it gave people the illusion of facing a thousand swords.

Slaughter through wind and rain. Even if you were a high-flying crane, you would only have the fate of broken wings!

The swords met; their destructive powers high. The newly-fixed stage was in danger of being destroyed again.

Li Jing rested his chin on his hand, staring at the stage while sighing. Since the beginning of Lu Shiqian’s battle, this guy had no intention of being a judge at all. He really had no sense of responsibility at all!

The other teachers’ eyes twitched. Ahh, it’s going to break again, going to break again! Exactly how many stages did they have to break?! The cost of repairing was high, you know?!

Qiuhe Ning saw that his attack failed and didn’t continue entangling, quickly switching: “Traceless Autumn Waters!”

The blade was sharp yet traceless, but it also made people feel autumn waters rush over them, leaving no place to hide. This person’s understanding of weapons and swordsmanship was indeed superb, transforming from tangible to intangible!

However, if there was nowhere to hide, then why hide? Lu Shiqian jumped and stabbed her sword into the ground: Ceasing Winds and Vanishing Rain! Ripples spread from the sword epicenter, intercepting Qiuhe Ning’s traceless sword shadow. The audience could only see light and shadow flash and dim, sounds of metal meeting incessantly. It was a fierce battle!

They were absorbed and amazed. Not only did they appreciate the beauty of swords clashing, they were even more impressed by the two’s auras and majestic skills. Yes, such wondrous techniques were actually used by the younger generation! Only people focused on their path could achieve this!

After this exchange, both of them gained some admiration for the other person. However, admiration was admiration, but victory must be theirs!

My ‘Autumn Waters’ style has a total of twelve moves. You just broke through my fifth and ninth moves, so I’m going to use the final twelfth move against you now. There is no way to retreat after using this move, so be careful!” Perhaps it was her talent or something else, but Qiuhe Ning warned her. He didn’t want Lu Shiqian to die, but he had the inkling that she could survive his attack. It was quite a dilemma.

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Come on then! I still have to make you lick my feet!”

Qiuhe Ning’s mouth twitched, his iceberg face cracking. He really couldn’t understand why this woman was so obsessed with getting her feet licked!

He didn’t know that she just found it funny to see other expressions on his face. Originally, the men beside her, Bai’s doting, the Death God’s reliance, Wei Mo’s gentleness, Qinglong’s elegance… There weren’t any cold people beside her. There used to be a Demon Plane Prince Shang that had a frigid face, and she took pleasure in teasing him. This feeling was quite nostalgic!

“Fast-Flying Lithe Crane!” Qiuhe drew his sword and rotated 360 degrees.

This move wasn’t fancy, instead very simple. It was just a simple strike, a horizontal strike like a full moon. Though it looked plain, it actually included attacks from all directions. Since it was the final 12th move, its power was great!

Look, there was a ravine 10 meters deep on the stage that was only 3 cm wide. It struck the stage—one, two, three times—extending to the entire platform! The shield was cut into two, and the wind blew it off. Sure enough, it was worthy of the Autumn Waters style. This final move was very strong! Those hundreds of etches each contained over a hundred attacks, all in a single moment. No wonder he said that this attack could not be taken back!

Everyone was silent in the audience.

The judges looked at each other in dismay. Your nanny! It was too late to stop such a big attack, but please don’t be so wild! Why did these monsters keep popping out one after another?!

Someone suddenly shouted, “Hey, where is she?!”

Everyone returned to their senses. Oh yeah, there wasn’t any trace of the woman on stage. Where did she go? Someone’s face paled. She couldn’t have been sliced until even pieces didn’t remain right? What a pitiful genius!

Qiuhe Ning was also stunned, staring at his sword involuntarily. Could that stunning woman not have survived this attack?

“Hey, bastard, where are you looking? I’m over here!” Lu Shiqian flipped through the air, centered between the two suns. It turned out that she used the cracking shield to leap into the sky!

Her sword fell down. This was a sneak attack that wasn’t a sneak attack!

Qiuhe Ning sneered and drew his sword.

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