Chapter 437

This was a traceless and invisible blow!

The Qiuhe family head suddenly grew excited; the Qiuhe elders were also excited.

“Traceless Blade!”

Every weapon was both tangible and intangible. When it became intangible, that was the peak of every weapon master. An invisible knife that could harm others was much more terrifying than a visible one. Even the Qiuhe family head hadn’t reached this level!

The Qiuhe family head was almost going to tremble with joy. However, he was also angry that this kid never told him he reached this level. Really, when a child was too talented, it really made their old faces hurt!

Draw the sword, close the eyes, thousands of hand shadows, thousands of sword shadows!

“BOOM!” Half of the platform collapsed, smoke billowing, but not a figure could be seen.

“Hehe, hehe, the Qiuhe family’s weapon mastery is excellent!” Before the smoke dissipated, a voice could be heard. Who would it be if not Lu Shiqian?

Qiuhe Ning’s face remained cold, but there was a strange expression in his eyes.

The thick smoke disappeared, and a woman stood in the ruins, blocking with a horizontal stance. She managed to stop this attack!

Anyone could see that this blow was much more powerful than the other moves! She actually managed to block it!

Everyone was shocked, the Qiuhe family head even more so. No one understood the power of the Traceless Blade better than him!

Heavens, was this… a monster?!

The outcome was decided!

“People above people, heavens above heavens, I’ve been enlightened.” Qiuhe Ning cupped his hands and saluted. At this moment, he truly recognized this woman’s strength and would no longer treat her indifferently.

Some people in this world would only treat those they recognized with respect and kindness.

It was just a pity that Lu Shiqian instead lost interest in him like this. Since she was happy when the other’s iceberg face cracked, she was unenthusiastic when the other faced her with a sunny smile. “I’m going down first. I still have to win the contest.”

Everyone couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Do you dare be any more arrogant?! The outcome has yet to be decided, yet you dare make such rash statements!

However, her casual attitude made them inexplicably believe in her.

They were looking forward to it!

“You… don’t want your award?” Qiuhe Ning hesitantly asked. His family upbringing made him unable to break a promise.

Lu Shiqian turned her head, innocently saying: “Oh yeah, of course. I’ll go step around later and add some more dust and dirt and whatever.”

The corners of Qiuhe Ning’s mouth suddenly twitched, and the audience couldn’t help but roll their eyes again.

Do you dare be any worse?!

“Brother Qiuhe… lost?” The little princess looked at the stage in disbelief, tears welling up in her eyes. Her Brother Qiuhe was obviously the best!

“This…” the Qiuhe family was at a loss, not knowing how to comfort the little princess.

“No one is always victorious, there will always be wins and losses. Does Sister Xue not trust me?” Qiuhe Ning put his sword away as he walked towards the little princess. His cold face and straight posture were very dazzling.

The little princess laughed through her tears, “Brother Qiuhe is the best!”

Qiuhe Ning took the little princess Ning Ruxue’s hand and gave a kiss. His expression was cold; his smile not reaching the depths of his eyes.

The little princess’ face turned red, full of admiration as she looked at Qiuhe Ning.

The Qiuhe family head’s old face shook and he shifted his eyes away. He secretly thought, ‘This stinky brat’s even better at picking up girls than I am.’

Qiuhe Lan looked at the two, her gaze finally falling on Qiuhe Ning. Her emotions were very complicated.

The final battle: Lu Shiqian vs. Zhu Hui.

Who would win first place? The crowd’s thoughts were far less than that of the four major families.

On one hand, they hoped that their children would win to maintain their glory. On the other hand, they really didn’t want to see Zhu Hui win, because that would result in the Zhu family being significantly more popular than the other three, which was bad for their development. Thus, they preferred Lu Shiqian winning. It was very simple: if an outsider that had no foundation or backing won, it wouldn’t make the four major families appear weak. They would only say… that the woman was too strong!

But no matter how strong a person was, they were ways to recruit them or make them work for them. It was hard to beat four hands with two. Could she withstand against a whole clan alone?!

Half an hour later, Lu Shiqian stood on the newly-built stage. The school made preparations as it was inevitable for damage to occur during battle. The person opposite her was the new number one genius of the Zhu family: Zhu Hui!

Everyone looked at the two, suddenly having an absurd feeling. This was completely a battle between monsters!

Wasn’t that right? Zhu Hui’s awakening appearance still hadn’t faded. He still had black and white wings, horns on his head, black and white hair, and glowing green eyes in this broad daylight. There was also that ruthless aura that gave off a bloody feeling, making them feel that it wasn’t a person standing in front of them but instead a monster! A terrible monster!

And his opponent Lu Shiqian, though beautiful, who knew how much power was contained in her body?!

Everyone grew excited, looking forward to it even more. More than 100,000 pairs of eyes focused on the two. They had a hunch that this battle would be the most interesting battle Dongshu Educational Institute ever had!

The assistant principal stared deeply at Lu Shiqian. He didn’t expect the girl that borrowed the museum would have such great ability. Heavens, she was still a saint! Really don’t know where Teacher picked this child up from. If it was her, she might really be able to complete that terrifying experiment. He was looking forward to it!

In the crowd, there was a sigh and a pair of satisfied eyes looked at Lu Shiqian. Upon closer look, wasn’t that the old beggar that kept following them around?

The city lord Qi Feng also sighed. There were many talents that fell to their deaths before they reached the peak. This genius was actually recognized by the region master, so he must take a close look.

Lu Shiqian’s party was also paying attention to the match.

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