Chapter 438

“That person’s bloodline awakening made him even more powerful than ordinary magic beasts.” Zi Ji calmly analyzed.

“He’s not Master’s opponent!” Tiancan smiled, “How about I go up to play?”

“Forget it, you’ll play him to death!” The Thousand Year King said, “Don’t know how Master’s going to face him.”

Yes, if Master borrowed their power, the other wouldn’t stand a chance. However, if Master didn’t want to use them, they wouldn’t know no matter how much they discussed.

“That woman has always been abnormal! This great one believes in her!” the silver-haired Wei Mo declared; arms crossed at his chest.

The Death God didn’t speak. In any case, if Master was in danger, he would go save her.

“A mixed-blood was actually this powerful, quite unexpected. I should find a woman not part of my race to try.” Zi Ji held his chin, thinking, his eyes drifting towards Lu Shiqian.

Heavens, if Zi Ji’s royal father heard this, he would definitely cry tears of joy: “Son! You finally thought it through!”

“Hmph, our child would definitely be the best.” Wei Mo muttered.

“I also want a baby with Master!” Jun Zun yelled. Please, he was still a child, okay?

The Death God’s eyes sank. Child, child, child…

The atmosphere turned strange. There was an endless debate on the topic of children.


Damn it, the battle was about to start, but they still had the mood to discuss this!

Lu Shiqian quickly thought of countermeasures, how to use her sword, magic against magic, beast against beast.

“Duyi soul merge; Jun Zun armor merge!” In an instant, Lu Shiqian made her decision. The little gold dragon Duyi was 500 Stars, purple dragon Jun Zun 1,000 Stars. A magic array lit up and Lu Shiqian’s strength increased by several levels!

Exquisite purple armor wrapped around her curvy figure, her gold hair and eyes made her appear even more noble and awe-inspiring like a god of war! The dragon race was inherently noble and the two dragons Jun Zun and Duyi were top class amongst dragons. Like this, Lu Shiqian’s temperament became loftier, making others want to surrender just by looking at her!

People once again affirmed that this woman was an absolute monster!

They really couldn’t believe that she didn’t use her full strength the previous few battles. She still had her magic beasts as backup!

Using magic beasts in battle wasn’t as simple as doubling strength. This point was proven long ago. Magic beast buffs were also terrifying, and there was an infinite theory in Dayu that one magic beast buff equaled an extra ability, and their power would rise by one level. After two, three, or countless buffs, that person would be theoretically invincible! Having said that, who could contract an infinite number of magic beasts in this world? Other than the legendary God of Creation… This was a joke that no one believed. You have to know that the person who contracted the most magic beasts in Dayu’s history was the founder of Dongshu Educational Institute: Lord Wan Ye. He was able to contract four magic beasts and the recognized limit of potential!

A genius, coupled with superb magic beasts, caused them to be at a loss. They looked at Lu Shiqian with envy, admiration, and respect.

The corners of Kong Qi’s eyes kept twitching. She knew how abnormal Lu Shiqian was when they fought, but she was actually even more abnormal than she imagined! Ai, thank goodness that person didn’t like killing, or she wouldn’t even know how she died!

The referee gave the start signal and Zhu Hui attacked!

His attacks were direct, fast, and instinctual, never showing mercy. His sharp claws were able to cleave deep cracks on the fortified stage, making people’s teeth ache from gritting. The stage this time was fortified and fortified again; the defenses multiplied many times over!

Forget Zhu Hui’s damage, Lu Shiqian also didn’t lag behind. Between flipping and turning, kicking and stabbing, the stage was damaged again, already pockmarked with holes.

People couldn’t help but retreat away from the two monsters. What if they accidentally became a casualty? That would be terrible.

Stab, kick, slash, cross, pierce. Zhu Hui’s attacks were sharp and fierce. He seemed to be immersed in a certain state and couldn’t wake up, using purely instincts. However, this opponent was much more difficult than the others. The only thought in his mind was probably to defeat the enemy.

Block, dodge, jump, hook. Lu Shiqian casually yet seamlessly defended. She was also immersed in the joy of battle.

The two seemed evenly matched at the beginning, but they soon became dissatisfied, starting to use their magic beast skills.

Zhu Hui was the first to strike. Light condensed at the horns on his head, big and bright, and even the air began to shake from the force. In a very short period of time, the move successfully gathered and shot towards Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian also wasn’t sloppy, stepping out and casting a Fire Dragon spell.

For a time, light and flames burst within the protective dome like lively fireworks!

“A mere human wants to compete with me?” a merciless voice came from Zhu Hui’s throat.

“Hmph,” Lu Shiqian coldly snorted, “have you already been corrupted to the point of losing your human nature?”

Without more words, Zhu Hui flew into the sky, one black and one white wing unfurling, smashing down like an ice awl.

Lu Shiqian somersaulted back several times, using her sword to block several icicles. Her feet stomped on the shield, and she shot at Zhu Hui like a cannonball: “Allow me to wake you up!”

A muscle bulged behind Zhu Hui, and four long hooks like sharp claws attacked Lu Shiqian.

At this moment, where did he look remotely like human with his black and white halves as well as the four hooks on his back?

The hooks carried tenacious momentum, shooting towards Lu Shiqian.

BOOMMMM!!! A huge hole was made on the stage and Lu Shiqian was smashed deep inside, not moving.

This change was an abrupt surprise!

“Hm…” Zi Ji stared at the hooks, thinking deeply: “The Gongling Region Master also seems to have similar hooks.”

Dayu had five magic beast region masters. These five were Houshi, Gongling, Shenlan, Jiangsong, and Kongjun. Compared to the human region masters, these five magic beast region masters were even more mysterious. Take Gongling as an example. Their region master was an extremely powerful and strange beast, and even the region master battle 100,000 years ago failed to make him reveal his original form. If it weren’t for Zi Ji’s connections in Dayu and vast knowledge, he wouldn’t be aware of this.

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