Chapter 439

“Ha, then, Zhu Hui’s mother is that guy’s daughter? Zhu Zimei really married an incredible woman… If that guy knew his grandson had such high potential, what would he do?” A sliver of interest appeared in Zi Ji’s eyes, musing: “What would you do when you meet this kind of opponent?”

Qin Xingluo watched Zi Ji’s back, secretly expressing admiration for this guy that often came to eat. He was once the Prince of the Qin Empire and knew better than the average person what someone that led many people was like. After a few glances, he looked at the match on the stage again. Compared to others, he cared about her more. She was irreplaceable in his heart.

Seeing that Lu Shiqian was smashed down, Wei Mo grabbed the metal armrests and gripped it out of shape. Tch, he knew that woman was persistent like a cockroach, but why couldn’t he help worrying about her all the same?

As for the Death God, though his face was expressionless, if anyone went to the World of Death right now, they would find an overwhelming kind of pressure pressing down on it. Even the most ferocious dead spirits could only tremble… Aiyah, they were already dead! Why did they still have to suffer like this?!

On the stage, Lu Shiqian who was smashed into the pit didn’t move.

Zhu Hui mercilessly floated down, standing on the edge and looking down.

A strong light burst forth from below, soon followed by a raging fire! The fire also crackled with lightning!

She had been waiting for an opportunity to ambush him!

It was another unexpected change and result! This battle was beyond their imaginations! The contestants’ strategies were well used!

People’s hearts went up and down, down and up. Each move was shocking, and what they thought was the end was actually just the beginning!

For example, right now, not many would’ve been able to avoid Lu Shiqian’s attack and expected Zhu Hui to be defeated. Indeed, the attack hit him and pinned him against the defensive shield, falling off after dozens of seconds!

Lu Shiqian didn’t miss the opportunity. While Zhu Hui was falling, she leaped up and quickly punched and kicked. The punches seemed to be covered in light while her kicks were covered in shadows, so fast that people couldn’t see clearly.

“One thousand hits, ten thousand hits…” someone in the audience said dumbfoundedly, swallowing involuntarily.

Lu Shiqian landed on the ground and smiled slightly. When everyone thought that it was over, she suddenly clenched her fist.

A current covered the whole field!

Immediately afterwards, the stage was covered in fire!

Then ice…

To say that it was a dual combination of fire and ice wasn’t an exaggeration!

People’s eyes changed again. Their understanding of her changed again and again: cunning, abnormal, evil…

But wasn’t it? If Zhu Hui was a slab of meat, he would’ve probably been cooked into a slag by now, blowing off with the wind.

However, Zhu Hui was much hardier than others thought. He just appeared in a sorry state, his hair messy, but his wings and body were fine.

Thus, this was a battle between abnormalities. People who didn’t have good hearts should stay far away!

Lu Shiqian grabbed a hook and stomped on one of Zhu Hui’s wings, “Having fun, hm? It’s nice to get ravaged, hm?”

…A’Qian, this sentence is quite ambiguous!

“You damn woman!” Zhu Hui gnashed his teeth, his green eyes growing more intense. Ten hooks sprang from his back, nailing onto the defensive shield. A black wind enveloped him, and his body began to change, his bloodline awakening completely. After a while, he turned into a beast with four hands and wings with fourteen hooks on his back. However, his face became even more handsome, his body also becoming stronger. His clothes were in tatters, but the key parts were covered, making him appearing even more seductive. There was an imprint of a beast with nine wings and a thousand hooks on his arm.

His strength reached the God King level!

The audience was already stupefied by all of the changes in this battle, unable to react any longer.

Clap, clap, clap. Lu Shiqian applauded, “You look a lot better!”

She did it on purpose. Stimulate Zhu Hui to his breaking point until his animal nature went berserk. Afterwards, he would return to his human senses.

Forget it, just take it as her doing a good deed. Who told her to see Zhu Fang and that vague woman worrying in the audience? Aish, she couldn’t refuse a mother’s eyes! She guessed that Zhu Hui’s mother secretly snuck out from the Zhu family residence and didn’t want to see his bloodline be awakened.

“I’ll make your life worse than death!” an eerie voice revealed Zhu Hui’s wrath.

“Come! I’m looking forward to it!” Lu Shiqian smiled broadly. She heard these words so many times back when she was part of the Dragon Group and rather missed it.

…Qian’er, your old problems are acting up again!

“Damn tramp, seducing men behind my back!” Wei Mo angrily said.

“But others find it cute. Come on, this one likes her teasing!” Li Jing’s eyes were full of smiles, “I really don’t mind sharing a wife with you.”

“If you can, count me in.” Zi Ji added.

“Really? You have to line up behind me,” Qin Xingluo coldly said.

“5P?” Hong Jin yelled.

The Death God waved his scythe, opening his mouth: “I’m first.”

Everyone: “…”

“Curse it all!” Wei Mo flipped the table.

Cough, cough, they then focused on the match again. After Zhu Hui roared, the 14 hooks on his body emitted different colors. With just a glance, everyone could tell that the power of these lights was immense. The light waves gathered and he also surged forth, his four hands flying, without a sense of incongruity. The condensed light found a flaw and ferociously slammed against Lu Shiqian’s stomach!

“Oof.” The audience couldn’t help but feel pain for her.

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