Chapter 440

Lu Shiqian was slammed back, breaking through the shield and shooting into the sky.

Everyone looked up.

Zhu Hui moved even faster, appearing above her like a shadow. A light wave hit her stomach again!

“Ohh…” the audience winced in unison.

BOOMMM!!! A huge hole was smashed into the stage again.

Zhu Hui didn’t hesitate this time. He shot into the pit and sent light wave after light wave. The rumbling sounds and various lights appeared on the stage until the last blow, where the lights disappeared and the sounds echoed away…

All of the teachers stood up, and the assistant principal even forgot to push his glasses.

Zi Ji was also no longer joking. Tiancan frowned his beautiful face, and Yao Hong and Wei Mo were about to rush onto the stage.

Only the Death God remained unruffled, “Master… is fine.” Their two lives were tied together and he could tell her condition at any time. But, but, he really wanted to kill right now…

“Hey, guess how deep that hole is?” someone in the audience dumbfoundedly asked another.

“Dunno…” the other person blankly replied.

This battle was beyond common sense.

Kacha. A hand stuck out through the pit, startling everyone.

“Z-Zombie!” someone foolishly cried.

Lu Shiqian crawled out through the dirt, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth. She arrogantly declared, “Still far!” Her coercion spread out rapidly and she slapped her hands together, “Toppling Mountains!”

One of the spells in “Million***”: Toppling Mountains. Lu Shiqian already reached the second level. When the spell was cast, all the earth and stones in the vicinity were used, becoming giants, cages, ropes, or dragons… There was no place to hide above or below, truly leaving no room for escape, unable to be blocked!

Wherever the heart pointed, the spell directed!

For a time, Zhu Hui was like a toy in Lu Shiqian’s hands. His hooks were useless against the sand and earth, unable to do a thing like a butterfly on a spiderweb. The more he struggled, the faster he died.

“Tch, did no one teach you to be a gentleman and go easy on the ladies?!” Lu Shiqian whipped him using a giant whip made of sand and earth.

The giant hand composed of dirt punched back and forth, back and forth.

Back and forth, back and forth. A boulder pressed on him, rolling back and forth, back and forth…

This went on for a full half hour.

“Heavens, I’m going to have nightmares!” someone expressed their dismay.

“Never ever ever get on the wrong side of this woman. It’s too terrifying!” someone expressed their shock.

“Mama, I’ll definitely be filial!” someone already went mad.

Zi Ji, Wei Mo, and the others were also a little stunned.

Only the Death God was happy: Master’s so cute…

…Where exactly?!

The Venus flytrap formed by sand opened its maws wide, spitting out Zhu Hui. This guy was already tortured to the point of exhaustion and already lost his awareness. At this moment, he stared at Lu Shiqian with a complicated expression.

Lu Shiqian smiled evilly, “Do you feel that I’m like a flower? Shockingly beautiful?” Behind her, thousands of giant Venus flytraps wriggled in happy agreement.

Zhu Hui rolled his eyes and completely passed out.

Lu Shiqian won!

She released the spell and bounced down the stage.

“N-N-Number one! Lu Shiqian!!!” the judge’s voice was very abrupt. After the announcement, there was no applause. This was definitely the coldest reception in Dongshu Educational Institute’s history.

Lu Shiqian stepped on the stage steadily, took the artifact in the teacher’s hand, and calmly walked down.

No one reacted.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later when thunderous applause rained down, lasting for a long time…

The assistant principal pushed his glasses and said with a wry smile, “Master, what kind of abnormal student did you accept?”

In any case, this time, the competition destroyed several stages and there would be a three-day holiday before formal classes.

Within two hours after the end, Lu Shiqian’s name spread through the entire Shangguan. Zhu Hui, Qiuhe Ning, and Fengyun Lian were also talked about. Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, and Yao Hong were also highly popular, especially amongst women. The top 30 were the hot topics of town, and all the interesting matches and skills used were discussed again and again—especially Lu Shiqian’s few matches. The mercenary guild even recorded the match and sold it for a high price, earning a fortune!

Lu Shiqian was now a true celebrity!

Thanks to this battle, no matter where Lu Shiqian went, there would be admiring eyes following. The other students completely worshipped her!

She returned to her room and just after finishing the delicious meal made by Lan Ruo, someone knocked on the door.

When they opened the door, a middle-aged man stood politely at the door: “Miss Lu Shiqian, my Qiuhe family head will be holding a banquet tomorrow. We are hoping for your attendance.”

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow.

The man was quite shrewd. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s raised eyebrow, he immediately added, “You don’t need to be suspicious. The Patriarch has no other meaning. The banquet not only invited you, the other family’s Young Masters as well as the top 20 are all invited.”

Lu Shiqian lightly said, “Oh, I’ll consider it.”

The middle-aged man wisely stopped talking and respectfully handed an invitation card, quietly leaving.

The Qiuhe family banquet, to go or not go?

“Go, go!” Li Jing broke in and coquettishly pulled Lu Shiqian.

“Seems fun,” Tiancan touched his fingers.

The Thousand Year King, Hong Jin, and Yin all looked at her with expectation.

“I want to go too!” Jun Zun hadn’t come out for a while. How could he hold back?

In the end, she was soft-hearted: “Okay, let’s go!”

The beasties cheered.

Early the next morning, a limousine pulled out of the academy. Equipped with speed-enhancing technology, this Lincoln wasn’t any slower than a mode. Moreover, it was stylish and unique, making it the center of attention.

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