Chapter 441

They crossed the streets and arrived at the Qiuhe Mansion.

The Qiuhe Mansion was in the west corner of Shangguan, but calling it a “mansion” was an understatement!

The foremost 30 miles was just the front yard; there were at least a million high-rise buildings inside!

However, these buildings all formed a whole, backdropped with green mountains and flowing water. There were more than 500 lakes and had fortifications for both attack and defense. It was truly magnificent!

Seeing this, Lu Shiqian’s first thought was: What a waste of money. Her second thought was: How many people are in the Qiuhe family?

At the wide gate of the Qiuhe Mansion, thousands of modes were parked and most of the guests had arrived.

They parked their Lincoln at the front, but it was like a spot of red amidst green—very conspicuous.

Two young ladies wearing silk walked down from their mode and peeked at the Lincoln, saying contemptuously: “How could the Qiuhe family invite such poor guests? They can’t even afford a mode, how lowly.”

The others nodded in agreement.

It had to be said, no matter what world you were in, there would be snobbish people that judged you based on your looks.

When the young lady finished speaking, the Lincoln’s door opened and a handsome green-haired and green-eyed elf walked out. He brimmed with vitality and carried the innate nobility of elves with him. Because of his joy, he exuded a charming aura, appearing like a prince in his white suit.

When the people saw the outstanding guest, they were all stunned for a moment.

“Are we here?” A soothing child’s voice sounded and a good-looking young boy with purple hair and eyes jumped out. The boy was noble and out of the ordinary, and his appearance was exquisite to the extreme. They could totally imagine how charming this boy would be when he grew up. Heavens, how could there be such a cute child in this world?!

“It’s not good to be dressed like this, right?” A soul-sucking seductive voice came out and immediately afterwards, a soul-stirring man walked out. His chestnut-colored hair reached his waist, and though his facial features weren’t great separately, they formed the most alluring picture together. Today, he was wearing an embroidered changpao that was both lowkey and luxurious.

“Hmph.” There was a cold humph and a red-haired young man walked out. His eyes were sharp and he had a royal demeanor. The young man was so beautiful that a woman would feel ashamed to stand by his side.

People were already dumbfounded. They had no idea how so many excellent characters were inside this car.

“Aiyaya, this one’s clothes got wrinkled!” The charming and languid voice sounded and a black-haired and green-eyed romantic man walked out. He was wearing a peach blossom layered changpao, appearing more charming and vibrant than a woman, but this style suited him well. He winked, and even men couldn’t help but feel attracted.

“It’s been so long since I last attended a banquet!” A young man with silver hair and silver vertical pupils, and a long silver tail got out of the car. He was actually wearing a military uniform, but heavens, don’t even start on how well it suited him!

People were looking forward to what other wondrous characters were inside. They were also jealous of these outstanding people.

This time, four people got off at once.

Afterwards, people abruptly felt that even the suns started to dim in comparison.

As for the woman in the lead, she had a pair of starry eyes, profound and beautiful. But those that saw her paid more attention to the light within her eyes. The moment they saw her, they felt that she was deep, but there would sometimes be a ripple of light, inexplicably moving people and making them want to draw close.

Her hair was smoother than satin and darker than night. She had petal-like lips, a jade-like face, and a graceful figure. She wore a long gauze robe, blood-red rubies hanging on her swan-like neck. Her arms didn’t have decorations, but it made her appear even more clean and pure… What a stunning lady!

To her right was a tall cloaked man, exuding a mysterious brilliance. His cloak blocked his appearance, and he seemed no different from ordinary people. In the darkness, everyone would ignore him; in the light, everyone would still not see him. But once he made a move, it was earth-shattering.

He held a beautiful scythe and his existence seemed to depend on Lu Shiqian as he stood by her side. He wished he could be attached to her waist, so that they would be together every second of the day. However, once he left her, he was a whole world, unparalleled and powerful! At this moment, he only stared at his family in front of him. Master was so good-looking!

The man to her left was an extravagant young man with long silver hair and blood-red eyes in wine red robes. He was fierce, but laziness seemed engraved in his bones. He was casual, but he was also born domineering. His peach blossoms, strength from training day after day, and lazy half smile caused women to salivate.

Behind her was a young man with eyes like the bright moon, a gorgeous mask covering the right side of his face, a beautiful mole under his left eye. There was a faint smile on his face, precious as an entire kingdom!

What a truly amazing group of peerless men and women!

After everyone got out of the car, a red fox, curious puppy, majestic silver wolf, green cat, and blue octopus crawled out.

The two women that mocked the Lincoln earlier were gaping.

However, those handsome men only stared at one figure, undisguised admiration in their eyes.

Although Lu Shiqian didn’t dress like a guy, she also didn’t dress like a woman. She was either wearing armor or long robes, yet she still shone with feminine charm. It was quite refreshing. Thinking of this, all the beautiful men couldn’t help but thank the Qiuhe family for hosting this banquet.

Before they entered, they saw the middle-aged man who sent the invite walk over with four servants. He bowed and greeted, “Welcome, Miss Lu. Please come with me, distinguished guests.”

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